Anca Petre

Special contributors

Anca Petre is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of 23 Consulting, specializing in guiding healthcare organizations through blockchain initiatives. She trains and assists major players in this sector on an international scale, including pharmaceutical corporations, startups and hospitals.

Having completed a double-degree in pharmacy and management, Anca is currently working on a thesis about the potential of blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

As speaker and writer passionate about new technologies and their contribution to the healthcare system, she works to democratize their use and make them accessible to the entire medical community.

“I am fascinated with the possibilities that offer blockchain technologies in comparison to the traditional processes in healthcare. It really breaks all the barriers of the conventional way of approaching this sector. The patient finally has an opportunity to become the main actor of the healthcare circuit and the owner of his own data. It is hard for now to understand where this technology will take healthcare but the emulation around it is very challenging. It forces you to think in a different way and I think that this is what I love most about what I do.”

Anca is passionate with meeting new people, contribute to challenging and inspiring projects and always learning new things. She is driven by the desire to take part in the ongoing digital revolution in the healthcare industry and participate in building tomorrow’s health system.

Anca publishes her research and analysis as a contributor writer on various platforms such as Intelligent HQ, innovatemedtec, The Conversation or written magazines and newspapers.