Dr Rais Hussin

Dr Rais Hussin / Author

Dr Rais Hussin is an avid strategist, perennial wordsmith, accountable and serial entrepreneur, and serious policy intellectual. Dr. Rais has over 26 years of experience launching and expanding large, complex and ultimately successful enterprise initiatives and international programs across a broad range of technical enterprises in for-profit and non-profit environments, that includes but not limited to, Telekom Malaysia, MCI WorldCom Malaysia, Teleglobe Canada, Axis Technologies and Goldnet Resources.
A noted thought leader in Malaysia, Dr. Rais is a highly sought-after Writer/Columnist and Conference Presenter. He has a passion for bringing together the best possible resources and talents in pursuit of a prosperous, just and dynamic Malaysia.
Perhaps most notably, Dr. Rais was responsible for overseeing the preparation of the first election manifesto to ever trigger a change of government in Malaysia.
Dr. Rais also serves as Co-Chairman of Deutsche Malaysia Ventures, which he co-founded to promote inbound investment, technology and
execution for high-value projects in Malaysia and the exciting growth markets of the ASEAN economic zone.
Among the issues that fascinate him are those related to disruptive change, big data, the wide use of apps driven economy, algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Straddling between science, strategy, communication and policy advice, Dr Rais has sought to influence governments to adopt a private public partnerships, as advocated by World Bank, to resolve any market break down or conundrums.