Emmanuel Daniel

Writer and collaborator

Founder of The Asian Banker, Wealth and Society, and Bankquality.com. Friend of interesting people, writer, coach, traveller, and infrequent blogger. Specialties: speaking, consulting, research, writing, coaching entrepreneurs and investors. Emmanuel Daniel is a Singapore-based entrepreneur. Daniel founded The Asian Banker in Singapore in September 1996 as a publisher of research and benchmarking, and events catering to the financial services industry. Daniel won the Citibank Excellence in Journalism Award for the Asian region in February 1999 for his work in determining the impact of the Internet on banking.

The Asian Banker Summit, which he launched in 2001 has become the largest annual meeting for commercial banks in the region. The event won the Best Financial Conference for Asia Award in 2012, at the Asian Conference Summit and Awards

He is the creator of the Excellence in Retail Financial Services programme which benchmarks and ranks retail banks according to operational and service quality since 2001, and is now followed in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

In 2012, Daniel launched Markets & Exchanges, which conducts research on the capital markets industry.

He founded Wealth and Society in 2018, a global programme where wealth is assessed by its relevance to the building of fibres in society through philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, or projects that contribute to the sustainability and well-being of the societies people live in.

Daniel maintains a blog and speaks at international events around the world.