Thomas Power

Special contributor

Thomas Power is an author, speaker and Board Member and Director for 9Spokes PLC in New Zealand and London’s based Team Blockchain Ltd. Thomas’ main book is Tokenomics, a book that effectively describes the blockchain shift to cryptocurrencies and the way in which it is possible for people and businesses to be monetizing “attention as a product” using incentive tokens.

Besides Tokenomics, Thomas is the author of 7 books and has conducted over 1000 Speeches across 56 countries. Thomas Power is a household name that specialises in a host of topics including every aspect of technology, social media, community building, cloud and SaaS Apps. He has been described as an innovative visionary within his industry and commands large audiences and respect which is a testament to his prowess in his field of expertise.

Thomas is ranked No 11 in the Crypto 100 most Influential People. Thomas is also ranked No 9 in The Blockchain Fintech 100 People. Thomas has over 3000,000 followers on Twitter and is ranked No. 1 in the world on LinkedIn with 680 written testimonials.